Baby siamang and leaf monkey

It was late at night when three baby primates showed up at Cikananga rescue center. Dr. Alia and her team had been told that an illegal online trader had been caught earlier that day and that two baby siamang and one baby leaf monkey would arrive later that night. Dr. Alia and her team anxiously awaited the new babies. It wasn’t until 2am that they showed up very scared and in poor condition. They were obviously malnourished and dehydrated from their life with the trader. No one knows how long they were with the trader or what he was feeding them, but the pictured the JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network) along with the police took of their living conditions was frightful. Once they arrived each one got a health check. One siamang (later called ‘Ballsy’) was slightly older and was able to eat solid food, the younger siamang (later called ‘Fugly’) was in the weaning period where proper nutrition is vital. The little leaf monkey (later called ‘Ubi’) was in the worst condition in addition of being dramatically malnourished and dehydrated like the other two, she also has an injured jaw and arm, making it difficult for her to swing and eat. Though a very long process and many sleepless nights for Dr. Alia, The two siamong where easily transitioned from milk to solid foods, and although it was touch and go with Ubi for a while her jaw and arm healed and she was transitioned to solid foods. Weaning a leaf monkey in captivity is extremely difficult and included making leaf smoothies as well as a very unhappy violet wild baby leaf monkey who needed baths once in a while. They are all now healthy and happy awaiting translocation to their islands of origin.  Pictures: arrival day, health check, don’t let that cute face fool you they are still wild animals, trying to avoid eye contact while bottle feeding is important to avoid humanization so they have hope of release in the future. With your kind donations you could help VITW buy medicines, and milk formula for babies just like Fugly, Ballsy, and Ubi, as well as proved around the clock care for babies like them.