Chanee, the baby gibbon

Raising babies is difficult. This task is even more difficult when the baby isnt your own species. This is chanee a baby gibbon. He, as most of the babies we see are, is a victim of the illegal wildlife pet industry. He was confiscated by JAAN from in international trader. Taking care of wildlife babies is tricky. When doing so we need to remember they are not pets and do not enjoy being treated like a domestic animal. caretakers also must take into consideration that every species communicates in a different manner and as humans we have to be careful about inflicting our ways of communication on these easily influenced youngsters. As a wildlife care taker there is a fine line between giving the babies the comfort and security they need to grow into independent, self sufficient, individuals and being a doting mother figure for them. Looking at that cute helpless face its difficult to not humanize him but we try our best to keep him wild so that one day he will be able to be released into the wild and fit in with others of his kind in their natural environment. Remember #wildanimalsarenotpets. as a caretaker for this little nightmare i dont understand why anyone who enjoys keeping their hair attached to their head would ever consider wanting a primate as a pet.