Vets in the Wild aims to provide veterinary care to wildlife suffering from the wildlife trade and animal-human conflict.

In parts of the world where the majority of these conflicts occur, veterinary help is not accessible or financially feasible. Therefore these animals who were harmed by humans receive sub-par medical care. Many rescue centers who take in these animals from the illegal pet trade, medicine trade, or conflict zones, barely have enough funding to provide the best animal welfare possible, let alone afford the medicine, equipment, and staff needed to treat the wildlife.

For the most part they are doing the best they can, but without a trained veterinarian and the equipment and medicine needed, an unnecessary amount of casualties and suffering occurs.

Vets In The Wild aims to fund not only a trained veterinarian and the tools they need, but also fund community development projects, as well as education programs to provide awareness of wildlife and the loss of ecosystems. We aim at reducing the risk of animal-human conflicts around the world, which will make it possible to release some of these animals back into their natural habitats once again.